6 Star Review – ‘Midnight Lily’ by Mia Sheridan!

Midnight Lily Mia Sheridan Cover

Honestly, where do you start in reviewing a book like this? How do you even begin to say even a tiny snippet about this story without possibly giving something away? ‘Midnight Lily’ is an incredible masterpiece beautifully created by Mia Sheridan. Where does she come up with these works of art? I am so amazed with this beautiful love story, in awe of the emotion that she is able to pull from her readers, and just completely zapped out of every emotion that runs through my body! Lily and Holden’s journey was full of adventure, certainly the unexpected, touched by love and sorrow, and enlightening with hope.

The things we choose, well, those are ours. But we don’t get a vote on the things we carry. Some are heavier than others, some we can put down eventually, and some are ours to keep. We don’t have a choice in the burdens we’re given to bear, but we do have a choice in how we hold them.

Did I have to dig pretty deep in this one? So much so, but I am so glad that I did. Honestly, I kind of had to because I was such a complete mess when I finished the story. I was totally speechless, and I couldn’t even absorb any conversation because my mind was so frantically trying to fit every detail that I knew together like the pieces of a puzzle. Was it worth it? Absolutely! The story did confuse me a bit at times – let’s just say I was totally thrown for a loop for sure- but that’s part of what makes this so fantastic. I finished this book with peace in my heart of ‘what love can endure’ and simply amazed in the writing talent of Mia Sheridan!

***6 ‘This is a Phenomenal Book’ Stars for me! ***

P.S. There is an ‘The Official Midnight Lily discussion group’ on Facebook that Mrs. Sheridan has opened, and I HIGHLY recommend visiting this group once you have finished the book to answer some lingering questions you may have!

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