Goodbye 2016 & Hello 2017 GiveAway!


Pigs are Good Luck Right?

2016 was a year of SO many changes in my life… pretty overwhelming to say the least. It wasn’t necessarily a bad year though. We are all healthy and very blessed, and I try to remind myself of that at every turn and kink in the road. There were a lot of accomplishments made and courage found throughout the year which rewarded me with getting to know many new and wonderful people. That was a pretty big deal to me.

I also had the opportunity to go on a lot of fun family adventures, and although we are a bit like the Griswolds, I still LOVE to travel. New York and Mexico, made for amazing getaways from all of the rigamarole!

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Christmas Dismisses.


So this year has definitely been a little different around our usually festive home. I have always loved to decorate the house for Christmas and courageously bring on the holiday season with love and joy. This year has hit me like a total brick to the face.  Now that we have transitioned into parents of teenagers, it seems as if EVERYTHING has changed. These young adults that I am living with aren’t the little cherubs that I once knew them to be. Excitement, enthusiasm, and participation have all packed their bags and left the building leaving me with a useless bunch of Bah Humbugs. Seriously, it’s like no one in this house cares this year, and unfortunately it has completely rubbed off on me and left me unusually quiet sitting in this seasonal slump…

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🍂🍂 ‘It’s Finally Feeling Like Fall’ Bookworm Box Giveaway! 🍂🍂


The temperature is finally dropping today here in Texas from the upper 80’s to supposedly freezing temperatures tonight! Since it’s finally feeling like Fall and the holidays are quickly approaching, I am celebrating by giving away one of my favorite things- a FREE Bookworm Box featuring 2 surprise autographed books from popular romance authors and lots of fun swag!

To ENTER go to my Facebook Page and follow the instructions on the GIVEAWAY Post. I made it easy and really just wanted to share something fun with you (plus some great books to read or gift for the Christmas holiday!).

Winner will be chosen on Monday November 21st, contacted on Tuesday November 22nd, and box will ship within 2 weeks. I am solely responsible for this GIVEAWAY and anyone/anything besides me is not affiliated in any way. The Giveaway is open to U.S. Residents only (sorry!) For more information on The Bookworm Box and my review, please click here .

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

Turkey Day Scale


Who I Am.


Wife. Mother.Activity Juggler… You knew there was more to me right?

Almost a year ago when I started this blog, that is all that I was willing to share about myself with you. Anonymous is safe.  I can be myself without judgement. I’m not sure that anyone really ‘sees’ me in cyberspace, but the whole idea of my friends or extended family seeing the real me is mortifying. I feel like I am working so hard to reach others, yet I am working even harder to keep it separate from anyone I personally know.  My following is very small and slowly growing, and I am working with patience.

Now that my confidence is growing a bit, I think it’s time to open up anyway and share a little more about me…I am quite the conundrum…

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Fan Freakin’tastic Friday!

Light Socket Boom 2

So, the week started off in quite the shocking way (see pic above).  Literally, first thing Monday morning at 7:00 AM.  For the record, I DO NOT recommend getting necklaces and flat irons next to an outlet!  Anyway, I guess I should be thankful there were no injuries involved, but the outlook seemed a little ominous for the week ahead… Continue reading

How to Make Your Blog Famous

I know that as a newer blogger, it can be quite stressful hoping to gain exposure. These are some fabulous tips – quite eloquently spoken I must say – from a very successful blogger. They are a fantastic reference, and I know that I will certainly utilize quite a few of them!


The point at which I realized my indubitable worth was the moment my back grazed the wall opposite a firing squad. My mind raced with an anomalous swiftness that only NASCAR fanatics would understand; my heart screeched at every chirp of the shifting sub-machine guns, as they waited impatiently in my adversaries’ cracked palms; and my 140 pounds of confused, beaten shame were crumpled pieces before the general even shouted his dooming commands. But they weren’t the last ones I ever heard—I made it through that Burgess-like “flip dark chill winter bastard” of a night. Now I’ve shared my story online to all of you, fashioning a formidable following in the process, and it’s time to shout MY (blogging) commands. Read everything in bold for a short lesson; read it all for a long lesson, fused with pungent attempts at humor, sincerity, and experience.


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Exposure and the Abyss.


So do you ever sit and wonder what the hell your problem is?

You have so many thoughts and ideas just swirling around in your head.  You’re tired of the mundane – driving the shuttle of life to and fro, and living every second by a clock and a calendar, and waking up every day to a never ending checklist. You’re completely exhausted, yet somehow you’re so stir crazy that you are aimlessly pacing the floors in need of an outlet.   You just want to BE. And THINK. And CREATE.

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