Exposure and the Abyss.


So do you ever sit and wonder what the hell your problem is?

You have so many thoughts and ideas just swirling around in your head.  You’re tired of the mundane – driving the shuttle of life to and fro, and living every second by a clock and a calendar, and waking up every day to a never ending checklist. You’re completely exhausted, yet somehow you’re so stir crazy that you are aimlessly pacing the floors in need of an outlet.   You just want to BE. And THINK. And CREATE.

So why don’t you? 

FEAR of having your real name out there and sharing social media with anyone you know.

FEAR of being recognized and allowing them to see a different side of you.

FEAR of people judging you for your interests.

FEAR of mistakes.  There’s so much with this one…Not knowing if you are even good enough to actually set up all this technology on your own correctly.  If you do get your words out there, does anyone really see them with minimal page reach?  If they did see them would they actually care to listen?  Is it even close to good enough or interesting?

Stifling FEAR.

It’s a double edged sword, because it can be very lonely once you start to get in the swing of things and your only real interaction is between you, a laptop, and a keyboard.

So, my new goal is to look past the ‘F’ word…Give myself the opportunity to BE myself, utilize my ability to THINK, and put my thoughts down and CREATE something to actually SHARE the real me with others.

Maybe the one thing I am missing is the COURAGE to hit publish and post (seriously, hit the flipping button!).  Who will judge you anyway when you are only a tiny tadpole sending messages into the social media abyss?

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