Fan Freakin’tastic Friday!

Light Socket Boom 2

So, the week started off in quite the shocking way (see pic above).  Literally, first thing Monday morning at 7:00 AM.  For the record, I DO NOT recommend getting necklaces and flat irons next to an outlet!  Anyway, I guess I should be thankful there were no injuries involved, but the outlook seemed a little ominous for the week ahead…

Skip forward through the next few day of crazy chaos, frustration, and basically euphoric emotional highs and lows (yes, in other words, LIFE), and now it is Friday and GUESS WHAT???  My blog’s Facebook page hit 100 followers yesterday!  Ok, so it’s not the lottery, and in the big scheme of things isn’t even in the category of the truly important things such as good health and a loving family.

Slow and Steady Pic

However, this small success is kind of big deal to me. Since I started this blog anonymously (at some point I will quit chastising myself for doing this), it has been a little lonely and a slow grower to say the least.  However, it has also been a great journey of learning (technology can be quite the Bitch), gaining confidence in putting myself out there, and enthusiasm from the relationships that I have made – pretty much all of the baby steps that I have accomplished along the way.

Slow and steady gets the worm, wins the race, or whatever the saying is… I would just like to take a moment in this tiny success and just say thank you to those that have joined me on this crazy journey – it is nice to meet you!

Anyway… I know that I will be celebrating tonight with a mighty fine glass of wine (probably two or three), and I hope that you will too – Cheers!

Shelli Fishing in the Sunset

‘The charm of fishing, is that it’s the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope’ – John Buchan







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