The Liebster Award!

I am super excited to be nominated for another blog award! The awesome ladies over at 5171 Miles Blog have nominated my blog for the Liebster Award! Unfortunately, I’m not really a language aficionado, so I had to google the meaning liebster, which is ‘dearest.’ Awww… how awesome is that? Thanks ladies!

So, to answer their questions…

1. What hobby would you get into if time or money were not an issue?

Blogging…lol! I would actually love to travel more!

2. What is your biggest pet peeve?

People not following through with what they say they’ll do. Smacking also drives me nuts!

3. What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?

There are so many! I would really love to travel to New Zealand though. I’ve heard it’s insanely beautiful! Of course, I read all about it in Karina Halle’s ‘Where Sea Meets Sky,’ so I have my travel guide as well. =D

4. Are you usually early or late?

Early… I hate to be late!

5. What are some of you favorite tv shows?

Chrisley Knows Best’ – that show is hilarious and much like my own family!

6. What does your ideal weekend look like?

I love to curl up on the couch with the family and read or watch old movies on TNT. None of this happens often!

7. Coke or Pepsi?


8. What’s your favorite color?

It’s silly, but red, green, and orange. I can’t choose!

9. Is there a book you absolutely loved in the past, but now absolutely hate? If yes, what’s the name of the book and why do you hate it now?

Not really…maybe FIFTY SHADES OF GREY? I am so tired of hearing about it!

10. Imagine fairy godmother would appear in front of you right now, what would your three wishes be?

I’ll be honest here, I’m pretty blessed. My wish would really just be to have healthy (NOT BROKEN) and happy kiddos and family . Ok, and an endless gift card to buy books – why not? 

11. Would you switch your life with the life of your favorite celebrity for a week? If yes, who is it and why? If no, why?

Probably not. It would just be too much work to have to come back to after being gone. =D


So now I nominate…

Reading Frenzy Book Blog // Hannah’s Book Obsession // My Life Book // Ramona’s Read with Love Blog // Flavia the Bibliophile // Capital Nerd // Of Pens and Pages // Book Addict Haven // Alishas Words of Wonder // Books Coffee & Passion // A Beautiful Book Blog

My Questions:

1. Why did you start your blog?

2. Where is your favorite spot to write?

3. What is your biggest challenge in blogging?

4. Do you use Instagram? If so, what is your best tip or advice for other bloggers?

5. What do you enjoy doing to take a break from your reading/blogging?

6. Which do you prefer, books or movies?

7. You are given free airline tickets to go anywhere of your choice – where do you go?

8. Savory or sweet?

9. Favorite thing about fall?

10. Do you prefer warm or cold weather?

11. Who is your favorite super-hero and why?

I look forward to knowing more about you!


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8 thoughts on “The Liebster Award!

  1. Absolutely loved reading your answers!!! Thank you for doing this.
    ♥ Hope you are having a wonderful and blessed week.

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