January 2019 Ultimate Reading Challenge!


A new year and a new challenge! 

I’ve joined up in the 2019 Ultimate Reading Challenge hosted by the lovely ladies over at Beware of the Reader and Collectors of Book Boyfriends, where they challenge you to read a book each month based on the theme given.

January’s theme is a ‘a free read’, so I went with one of my favorite reads this month ~ The Kiss Thief by L.J. Shen! If there’s one thing I know I can always count on, it’s that L.J. Shen will deliver a book that I can’t put down, and true to form, The Kiss Thief was such a sexy, angsty, and entertaining read! I definitely recommend this one, and you can read my full review here!


What’s next in store for the Ultimate Reading Challenge???


February’s theme is ‘a sports romance’. I LOVE sports romance, so this should be a fun one for me! 

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Are you participating in any reading challenges this year?

Let me know in the comments below!


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13 thoughts on “January 2019 Ultimate Reading Challenge!

  1. I keep thinking I should join a reading challenge… And then I remember all the books I already have to read and how I shouldn’t add to my plate… Maybe I can clear some things out of the queue and join next year! Ha ha! But, I can’t wait to check out what you read!

    1. Thank you, and I know what you mean! It’s totally crazy all the books I want to get to, but I am using some of them for my monthly challenge. They might not always be current releases, but it makes me have to catch on my TBR! I hope you’ll join up next year! 😃

  2. I’m a reading challenge junkie! I’m participating in like 11 or something…and 2 of those we host. *rolls eyes* Glad you found something that spoke to you, I can’t wait to see what you pick each month!

  3. This is a great idea! On Instagram, they’re doing a #bookofthemonthclub challenge to read all your Book of the Month Club books you’re behind on. Between ARCs and some new indie authors Im helping out, I’ll be doing pretty much that challenge.

    What is your challenge for the year in # of books? Im currently at 32 for the year but Im already way ahead of my own schedule (which is a shock! Im a slow reader haha). How about you?

    1. That’s a fun one you’re participating in – good luck with that! I can’t believe you’ve already read 32 books, and that’s very impressive! I’ve read 14 out of my 95 book goal. I used to set it higher, but wouldn’t didn’t reach it a few times. Now if I achieve it and maybe even go over, I feel better about myself. You know how ‘life happens’ sometimes! 😂

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