Wednesday Shuffle ~ ‘Halfers’?

So let’s shuffle things up a bit and talk ‘Halfers’ on this week’s #WednesdayShuffle!

No, not heifers. ‘Halfers’!

So, what’s this ‘halfer’ I speak of?

The hubs and I went to dinner awhile back at one of our favorite restaurants from our early years together. Since we hadn’t been there in forever, he asked me if I thought it still as good as I remembered, and I told him that out of 10, I would probably give it 6 1/2 stars. His reply? There’s no such thing as ‘halfers’ in ratings!

So it got me to thinking… When I rate books, I give a lot of half stars!

If you look at Amazon and Goodreads, neither offer the ability to give half stars, so you have to round either up or down. The kicker with both of them is also that their rating scales don’t match up, so you very well could give a book a totally different rating on each platform.

Let’s say I read a really good book but might have had a tiny little niggle with it…

On Goodreads, I might have more than ‘really liked it’ at their 4 star rating, but with its niggle, could I say ‘it was amazing’ and give it 5 stars? But on Amazon, I could totally give it 5 stars, because I really did ‘love it’ overall. And just the same, on Amazon if ‘I like it’ at 4 stars, on Goodreads the equivalent would only be one of those controversial 3 star ratings… Whether the book is ‘okay’ or I ‘liked it’, this is not a bad rating by any means my friends!

I’ve also noticed that a lot of reviewers really give the Dewey Decimal System a total work out with their ratings with everything from ‘.25’s to ‘.275’s. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it, but they can be pretty confusing.

So what’s the answer? I have no idea. Does anyone really care? I’m not sure!

I look at the ratings, and I’ve purchased books even though they’ve been bad just to see my own thoughts and oftentimes ended up loving them. I know that authors, and especially Indie Authors, need our ratings – good or bad really – to gain exposure, but if I’m going to take the time to write a review, I want to be able to give both the author and the book justice when I share my thoughts.

Personally, I rate books based on each of the platform’s individual rating scales and then average it on my blog or something along those lines…

Do you think there’s a ‘right’ way to rate a book? Should there be more consistency amongst social media platforms?

Do tell!

And back to the books…

I’m currently flying through the Brayshaw Series by Meagan Brandy, and lawdy, lawdy, lawdy, this is a very consuming and suspenseful series! let’s not forget about the music!

I’ve recently fallen in love with ‘Dissolve’ by Absofacto! It catches my ear with its groovy beat every single time I hear it on the radio, but I swear I can’t remember the band’s name – yes, I’m old. They’re definitely worth remembering though, and I can’t wait to check out more of their music! copy

Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on book ratings in the comments below!

Make it a great one! 


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10 thoughts on “Wednesday Shuffle ~ ‘Halfers’?

  1. I do half stars… I think I like the way Amazon puts their rating system. I’m surprised they’re not the same since Amazon owns Goodreads. I’m glad you’re enjoying the craziness of Brayshaw!

    1. I think Amazon’s makes more sense too, and yes, it is suprising they are different. Honestly, the Brayshaw series is killing me with anticipation right now – I need to finish it soon before it makes me crazy! 😂

  2. Should there be consistency? Not necessarily but I wish that we could indeed have these half stars at the ready for the resons you told about. Sometimes giving “just” 3 stars feels too shor and 4 too much. The same between a 4 and a 5. I always begin my reviews with my own ratings and use and abuse of halfers LOL

  3. I don’t do heifers…er…halfers on a 10 stars scale (like on IMDB or Edelweiss+) but I use half stars on the 5 stars scale. I rate on all platforms the same because no one cares really. They see a 2 star review and say, what, that bad? Or a 4 star and they say yay, this could be for me. The fairest is probably the 3 stars because it says it’s average or you had some niggles and couldn’t rate it higher.

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