A Little Fall Inspiration – Re-purposing an ‘Old Friend!’

Recycled Book Pumpkin

I thought I would change it up a bit today…I am finally starting to feel festive, and Thanksgiving is only a few days away now.  I guess time has really gotten away from me, and I can’t believe it’s already that time of year again!  I wanted to share this great idea I found to re-purpose an ‘Old Friend’ – a book.  This little craft would make a fantastic fall centerpiece for your dining room table or to decorate with in your home for the holiday!

I have to admit that I greatly miss the good old days with the smell of paper from old hardback books and actually turning pages (sniff sniff…hmm…), since it seems these days I am mostly purchasing my books on my Ipad or Kindle.  I know that I am not speaking for everyone here, but these days my home library mainly consists of my old favorites and a whole bunch of ‘Pre-Electronic Era’ books that I don’t really want anymore.  What a great way to thin out some of those that you just didn’t like as much and utilize any of those old ‘1-3 Star’ reads.  Of course, this is just in case you might want to take a little break from your holiday reading!

I hope that you are blessed in many ways and enjoy this wonderful time with family and friends – Happy Thanksgiving!

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