Review of WICKED SEXY LIAR (Wild Seasons #4) by Christina Lauren!

Wicked Sexy Liar Cover

‘Wicked Sexy Liar’, the fourth book in the Christina Lauren’s Wild Seasons series, was a surprisingly heart felt read.  I say ‘surprisingly’ not because I would ever question not loving one of their books, but because I wasn’t actually sure that I could be convinced to like Luke Sutter knowing a bit of his past from the first book in the series, ‘Sweet Filthy Boy’.  Honestly, the lovely writing duo did an amazing job in changing my thoughts completely!

London Hughes just wants an uncomplicated life.  Focusing on her simple love of surfing and her bartending job, she is hiding behind a fortress she has created for  herself unable to trust men and avoiding her future.  Although Luke Sutter is working diligently at pursing his career, he continues to prove himself the ultimate playboy living only for the moment when it comes to women without any thought or conscience.  He doesn’t realize how bad his reputation with women has gotten – much less the names or faces of half of the women that he has been with.

Both content with no relationship commitment on either Luke or London’s mind, they are both caught off guard when they meet and sparks ignite between them.  As feelings evolve, Luke knows that he wants to have a committed relationship with London, but she knows his past and playboy ways with women.  Luke is determined to prove to London that he is trustworthy, but in order for them to be together London will have to face her fear and step outside of her fortress to allow him into her heart.

I could probably carry on a little too much about Luke, because his character was such a pleasant surprise.  I figured him to only be a shallow and arrogant playboy,  but there was much more complexity to him.  He was sweet, genuine, and charming, and l loved his close bond with his family.  Once he began to realize the terrible reputation he had created for himself, he at once knew and made the necessary changes to be the better man.  He also very admirably owned up to his past mistakes with Mia, and worked to redeem himself with Harlow and Lola knowing how it affected London. Luke was so incredibly patient and understanding with London, and his confidence and determination to prove his love and himself trustworthy was very endearing!

I enjoyed many aspects of London’s quirky character as well, but my feelings for her were kind of hot and cold.  I actually admired her complacency with her simple life, and I understood her feelings in being closed off with Luke and men in general.  However, I have to admit that I found her prolonged stubbornness very frustrating.  Luke had me smitten in all the hoops he jumped through to prove himself to London, so it just annoyed me that she continued to push him away yet string him along for so long.  It also bothered me how she avoided conflict so much so that she couldn’t even talk to her friends Mia, Harlow, and Lola about her feelings for Luke thinking they would judge her and she might lose their friendship.  I just found myself irritated by her lack of courage throughout the story, but at the end of the day it did help with the angst in the story and led to a great ending!

One of the things that I always enjoy about reading books by Christina Lauren is how they completely cover the bases in writing the fantastic novels they do.  They always find the perfect balance in creating their unique storylines with very endearing characters and topping it all off with sexy sizzle and their great sense of humor.  When I pick up one of their books it is always with confidence of a great read to come, and when I finish I can’t wait to read their next.  ‘Wicked Sexy Liar’ is no exception, and I highly recommend!

*** 4 Stars for me! ***

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