Review of ‘Far Too Tempting’ by Lauren Blakely!

Far Too Tempting Cover

I must say, I really enjoyed this standalone!

Jane was a very true to life and a very likeable character.  With her unexpected and sudden success with her music, I love how she fought to continue on with this professional path as well as to move forward in her personal life and broken marriage as well.  She didn’t just wallow in self pity, and although she struggled with self-doubt just like anyone in her shoes would, she found the courage and confidence in continuing on. Of course, Jane also had her doubts regarding Matthew and his intentions, but she wasn’t totally closed off to finding a new love and knew that she deserved it.

Matthew was just totally swoonworthy!  Even though I obviously couldn’t actually hear his Brittish accent, I must say that I am a total sucker in imagining him with one and he was just super sexy. His character very genuine, supportive, and unwavering.  Personally, I think that everyone needs to find a Matthew in their life – I just loved him!

This read had a unique storyline, was the perfect balance for me in wit and sexy, and was just completely refreshing.  There was just enough angst to make the story believable yet still be a light hearted read, and such a lovely change of pace. I highly recommend!

*** 4 1/2 Stars for me!***

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