Looking for That Perfect Baseball Romance? ‘Hardball’ by C.D. Reiss is the Book for You!

Hardball Cover

I totally loved ‘Hardball’ by C.D. Reiss!  This sports romance featuring the all-star baseball player, Dash Wallace, and the smart and lovely librarian, Vivian Foster, was such a terrific read – sweet, funny, and super sexy!

The individual and quirky behaviors that both Dash and Vivian had really made them very realistic and relatable characters. Dash was so interesting, unique, and completely adorable!  His passion, dedication, and loyalty for his sport and Vivian were certainly to be admired, and I loved his ‘techniques’ he used to overcome his challenges. Vivian was so strong and her heart was so big! I was glad that although she was so smitten with Dash, she still stood her ground for what she believed in.  Together…well together they were super sexy and made such a fun and endearing couple!

I have to admit that I am a big fan of both baseball and writings by C.D. Reiss!  I loved reading more of the baseball players’ point of view, and I did not realize there was so much superstition involved in baseball. I guess I always assumed it was just me being a crazy fan! Who knew??

Par for the course, Reiss certainly did not disappoint with this one. The marketing and promotion was also incredible as well for ‘Hardball’- funny and certainly eye catching.  Great writing, loved it, & I highly recommend!

*** 5 Stars for Me!***

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