Review for ‘Cream of the Crop’ by Alice Clayton!

Cream of the Crop Alice Clayton

‘Cream of the Crop’ was such a fun and light hearted follow up to ‘Nuts’ in Alice Clayton’s Hudson Valley Series!

Sassy and tough as nails marketing executive Natalie Grayson, who is NEVER at a loss for words, is completely tongue tied when it comes to Mr. Oscar Mendoza, Bailey Farms Creamery’s owner.  She just can’t seem to get the words out whenever she is around the handsome dairy farmer…and she can’t seem to get enough of his Brie either!  Although he is amazing to look at and very successful at making incredible cheeses, Oscar is not so great with people.  When Natalie gets the marketing opportunity to advertise for Bailey Falls, she doesn’t hesitate to go after the account…and the man. Could a city girl and a country boy ever work out and have a future together?

I loved how Natalie was a determined woman who really went after what she wanted – whether it was her wardrobe, her job, or Oscar Mendoza. She had a fantastic sassy style, and it was so refreshing for a heroine to be so confident and at peace with what she looked like and who she was inside.  I think that many women can relate Natalie and admire her for overcoming her issues of her past.

Oscar was such a contradiction in so many ways!  From his past to his current career, he turned out to be a simple man who appreciated the simplicity in life as he was so content being out of the limelight. I really enjoyed that he had such a wry and witty sense of humor beneath his brash style.  I thought that Natalie and Oscar had such fun banter between them, and although they were both so different and strong willed, they were such a great compliment to each other.  They both polished up each other’s rough edges, and you could definitely feel the sparks and passion between them!

The unique touches that Clayton always creates in her characters and storylines along with her charming wit and sexy scenes continue to keep me coming back for more!  Honestly, she always makes me laugh with her fun loving stories, and I particularly love the way she is able to create imperfect yet strong and true to life characters.  I also really enjoyed reading about the Manhattan lifestyle as well as what the country lifestyle is like in New York.  Her very descriptive writing always takes me away and really draws me in to make me feel as if I am actually right there and a part of story as well!

I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Pinup’ and her ‘Great (comma) big ass’ and highly recommend this fun and sexy read!  Definitely looking forward to the next book in this series!

*** 4 Stars for me! ***

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