Back to the Books – Review of ‘The Sun and the Moon (Giving You…#1)’ by Leslie McAdam!

The Sun and  Moon Cover

‘The Sun and the Moon’, by Leslie McAdam, is touching, sensual, sexy, and so romantic. Her writing style is quirky and captivating, and I was definitely drawn in right from the start. I totally fell in love with Amanda and Ryan, and I think I have found a new favorite author as well as a new book boyfriend!

Amelia Crowley is very successful in her career, but personally she has built walls of protection around herself. She is a realist and an over-thinker, and she is struggling with depression – wondering if she will ever be able to feel again.  When Amelia has a run in with a beautiful and charming ‘Sun God,’ those dormant feelings come to life, ignite, and unexpectedly everything changes.

Oh, be still my beating heart… EVERYONE needs to find themselves a Ryan Fielding from this book, and the cover is the perfect representation and fits my visual of Ryan to a ‘T’!  I also really enjoyed how Ryan’s character was absolutely perfect for Amelia in his ability to help her to open her up to her feelings again.  He was seemingly a simple and quaint coffee shop manager and a surf bum – so he wasn’t overwhelming and intimidating to her.  He was so laid back, understanding, and patient with Amelia, and as a sensualist, he was able to gently coax her out of her shell naturally.  It was such a beautiful transition once Amelia begin to let him into heart, and their passion together was explosive!

This book really made me stop and think of what it would be like to be trapped in my mind surrounded by barriers of depression. McAdam’s talented writing really drew me into Amelia’s struggle, and although I have not been personally affected by depression before, I completely sympathized with her.  It was such a shame how it limited her ability to be herself, because I really loved her fun and witty character. There was quite a bit of redundancy in some of Amelia’s thoughts that kind of bothered me, however it wasn’t enough to change my overall feelings and enjoyment in what a sweet love story this is!

‘The Sun and the Moon’ is my first read by Leslie McAdam, and it certainly will not be my last! There are two more follow up books in this Giving You.. Series as well.  ‘The Stars in the Sky’ features Marie and Will’s story, and ‘All the Waters of the Earth’ which is Jake and Lucy’s story.

*** 4.5 Stars for me! ***

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