Who I Am.


Wife. Mother.Activity Juggler… You knew there was more to me right?

Almost a year ago when I started this blog, that is all that I was willing to share about myself with you. Anonymous is safe.  I can be myself without judgement. I’m not sure that anyone really ‘sees’ me in cyberspace, but the whole idea of my friends or extended family seeing the real me is mortifying. I feel like I am working so hard to reach others, yet I am working even harder to keep it separate from anyone I personally know.  My following is very small and slowly growing, and I am working with patience.

Now that my confidence is growing a bit, I think it’s time to open up anyway and share a little more about me…I am quite the conundrum…

I spend a lot of time in my head.

I have so much to say, but I am afraid to say it.

I have nothing to say at all, yet I feel the need to talk.

I am a professional, a planner, an organizer, an over achiever, and a complete over-thinker, yet I am an artist and a dreamer.

I am very competitive, but I am afraid to lose.

I am confident yet extremely insecure.

I am an extrovert and great with people. I love to laugh, smile, and sing very loud. When no one is around, then I am just lonely.

I am an introvert that craves solitude. For peace and quiet, maybe. For comfort, maybe. For protection from the outside, probably.  My brother teases me that sometimes I need to step outside of my ‘fortress’ and out of hiding…

I like to take charge but seem to procrastinate.

I like to be alone, but I need friends.

I love rainy days, but I need the warmth of the sun.

I love hard, and I hurt even harder. I am incredibly passionate, caring, and loyal to a fault. If you cry, I will probably cry too.  I will sit with you at the hospital if you need me. I will hold your hand.

I love my family with my whole heart and will kick your ass if you mess with them.

I wouldn’t trade my life for the world – I am blessed.

I love going to concerts and listening to music. All kinds really, but my favorites are usually of the 90’s and Counting Crows is my all time favorite.

I love bright colors – oranges, reds, yellows, and greens.  If you cross my path when I am feeling low or insecure, you might see me wearing black or gray.

I love flip flops and my favorite concert tees – these I call my ‘sum bitches’.

I love to drink Cabernet, or Tito’s Vodka with grapefruit juice (the real kind not all sweet).

I love to paint with oils, garden with lots of color, go camping, and travel to dreamy locations.

I LOVE to fish.  Quiet. Solitude. Challenge. Miller Lite with Tomato Juice is my fishing drink, and minnows are my lure of choice. I can sit and fish for hours.

I LOVE to read. I love the warmth of my blanket. I love the escape.  I love the travel. I need to be able to break up the monotony and be ‘Whisked Away’. I enjoy all genres but particularly romance. I like to feel the passion when maybe I don’t.  I like to travel on an adventure when maybe I can’t. I like the angst of a story when maybe life is a little dull.  I like a good mystery when I need a bit of a challenge. The Happily Ever After makes my heart soar, and my all time favorite is when the underdog wins.

I don’t know the correct way to ‘be a blogger’, but I am trying because honestly I enjoy the challenge.  I am not great with technology, and although WordPress is free it is really hard to figure out. I don’t know any other bloggers or technology gurus, so I have figured this all out on my own. The complex world of intertwining my Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, etc. has exhausted me to no end, but I will persevere.

Tiny Ranty Segway... A bit of a tattle here, but speaking of Instagram, somehow they linked my anonymous blog with my personal Facebook page and decided to share it with all of my friends over the summer.  I was really getting on a roll with it, and totally had to shut that down. I have since set up another Instagram account with a new name, but if I disappear again you’ll know why…

I want to share my thoughts with other like-minded readers, and I want to hear what you have to say. Even one new like, follower, share, or comment will make me dance!

I want to continue getting to know so many of the amazing authors out there and what makes them tick and create the incredible stories in which they write!

I am constantly changing things up to figure it all out and see what works. It’s a trial and error kind of deal for me I guess. Although my focus is on books, I recently added Random Thoughts to my menu, because sometimes I just can’t shut my mouth or just have some silly things that I need to share. So I am trying my best and thank you for your patience and sticking around with me and my quirky ways. I feel like a success already, because my communication with YOU is an achievement in and of itself.

So there you go with a little more about who I am. Please feel free to comment on any or all of my posts, and let me know more about you as well.

Oh, and please be gentle with me… I want the truth, but I can be fragile.

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