Review of ‘Frenched (Frenched #1)’ by Melanie Harlow!


Goodreads Synopsis:

When I got dumped by my stupid fiancé a week before the wedding, my plans involved nothing more than ice cream, a blanket fort, and a bonfire of his possessions.

But my friends convinced me that bitter tastes better drowned in Bordeaux, so I came to Paris for a single-moon.

Then I met him. He’s shown me things I’ve never seen before, and I’m not talking about the Louvre.

Is it just the seduction of Paris? Or could this be the real thing?



My Review:

This is my first read by Melanie Harlow and the first book in her Frenched Series. Harlow’s descriptive writing in the settings and tours of the landmarks in Paris really took me away, and the refreshing storyline was light hearted, exciting, and had a great pace to it. Lately, I have been rather caught up in quite a few really ‘deep’ books, and this definitely lifted my spirits, provided me with a much-needed break, and was a perfect getaway read!

I really enjoyed how Mia and Lucas were so fun and down to earth, and both of their strengths and imperfections made them very realistic characters. Mia was such a strong woman to be able to pull herself out of her funk in being dumped and spontaneously travel to Paris. She was also incredibly brave to go alone. Honestly, I can’t imagine having the courage to do that by myself. However, I can totally relate to Mia and her constant planning and list making. I used to be a caterer, and the planning is such a necessity of the trade that can easily become consuming in the way you live every aspect of your life. So, I certainly sympathized with how she had become the way she was and planned everything from her events, to what her relationships should be, and even what emotions she felt.

Lucas’s character was just adorable! At first, I was really nervous about him and his intentions, but he turned out to be a genuinely honest guy. He was simple, sweet, and giving. I loved the ease of their relationship and how naturally Lucas was able to get Mia to let loose of her inhibitions and just be herself. The chemistry and passion between the two of them was super steamy, but I really enjoyed their fun and flirty relationship. It was easy and carefree and they just had fun together. Lucas pulled Mia out of her head and helped her to just be happy, and she in turn made him see a possible future that he hadn’t ever thought about before. She was comfortable to say what she thought and express herself to Lucas. It was like neither could hold back their feelings, and there was just such a connection they shared.

Originally, I thought that this could be an ‘insta-love’ type read, but the way in which their relationship evolved was very believable. Although it happened quickly, the simple and unassuming way they met and spent time getting to know each while touring the city was easy, and they just kind of fell into it. Neither expected to find a relationship or even a friendship for that matter. If there was any doubt that I might have in my mind about the believability though, it would be regarding Mia and Lucas’s trip to the country not knowing each other better (he could have been a creeper!). However, I’m not going to be one to judge here, because it was another fun part of their journey.

Lucas’s letter to Mia at the end when she went back to the states was so incredibly sweet, and I was delighted to see that there is a follow up novella to their story, ‘Yanked.’ I simply can’t wait to read what’s next in store for Mia and Lucas! I am so glad to discover Melanie Harlow and her writing, and I definitely look forward to reading the next books in this Frenched Series, ‘Forked’ and ‘Floored,’ which will feature Coco and Erin’s stories!

*** 4.5 Stars for Me! ***


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