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Dirty Filthy Rich Love by Laurelin Paige is NOW LIVE! 

I’ve discovered Donovan Kincaid’s secret.

It’s dirty and filthy and rich – as dirty and filthy and rich as he is – and it haunts me as much as he ever did.

Even after knowing what I know now, I still want to talk to him, to touch him. But there’s an ocean between us, and I’m not sure it can be crossed with something as easy as a phone call or a plane ride.

Yet I’m willing to try.

He doesn’t know this yet, but this time I’m the one with the power. And maybe – just maybe – if the air were cleared and all our secrets bared, there could still be a chance for us.

And this dirty, filthy thing between us might end up being love after all.


DaisyGal’s Review:

This Dirty Filthy Duet has had me captivated from the very beginning! The previous book, Dirty Filthy Rich Men, left me completely intrigued and swelling with anticipation for more of this story. I had so many questions of what in the world was going on with the dastardly Donovan Kincaid who was totally incapable of feelings and love. Dirty Filthy Rich Love is a surprisingly romantic conclusion to Donovan and Sabrina’s incredibly passionate and super steamy story!

I was totally unprepared for the unravelling of Donovan Kincaid! Almost unbelievably, I ended up adoring him, found myself rooting for him to come through, and so relieved that he didn’t let me down in the end. I loved that Sabrina now had the upper hand in their relationship and was so glad to finally see her stand her ground with Donovan. I was a bit thrown by how she went about things, but it certainly kept the suspense flowing in the story!

Donovan and Sabrina’s passion and desire for each other was incredibly intense throughout the series, and although their sexual proclivities were a bit unusual to me, they both gave each other what they wanted and needed. I really enjoyed how so much more depth and feeling came into play between them in this story and how their relationship transitioned into such a surprisingly sweet romance!

This was a perfect ending to this Dirty Duet! The storyline completely kept me guessing the whole way through, and the writing was so engaging and suspenseful. In true Laurelin Paige style, she threw in twists just when I got all content to keep me on my toes. I have truly been on pins and needles for this follow up, and it delivered in every way!

I am also excited to see there is going to be more to this Dirty Filthy Universe as well. There is a new duet coming and the first book is called Dirty Sexy Player. This is scheduled to release next year and will be Weston King (Donovan’s business partner) and Elizabeth Dyer’s story!

*** 4.5 Stars for Me! ***

*** ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest reveiw ***



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