Review ~ Lost for You (Sixth Street Bands #4) by Jayne Frost!

Lost for You (Sixth Street Bands #4) is my first read by Jayne Frost, and what a great introduction to her writing! This was such a sweet and emotional rockstar romance, and I really look forward to reading more of the Sixth Street Bands Series!


When I was eighteen, I stood at the precipice of stardom. I had the record deal. And the tour to back it up. But I succumbed to the pressure of that life. The dark side.

Now, I skate on the fringe. My brother is the genius guitarist for the band Caged, and I’m the one who helped make that happen. I’m happy to run my bars and my land development company.

Sure I am.

And then I meet her—Taryn Ayers—the music manager behind the three biggest bands in the country. She doesn’t know I’m Cam’s older brother. Or that I’ve got a secret that makes her world and mine fundamentally incompatible.
Problem is, I want to know Taryn.

But do I want her to know me?


Lost For You is a STAND ALONE New Adult Romance with recurring characters. Pick up books 1-3 to get the full experience! Intended for mature audiences due to hot as sin rockstars and the world they live in.



MyReviewLost for You is the fourth book in Jayne Frost’s Sixth Street Bands Series, and I really had no idea what to expect going in. I am always intrigued by rockstar romances, but since this is my first read by Frost, I was really hoping it wouldn’t be cliché like some of them tend to be. Although it’s listed as a standalone, I was also a little hesitant in starting with book four in the series. However, my worries were for naught, because without a doubt, I have found both a new author and series to enjoy!

There was so much emotion and complexity to the characters, and I found them very easy to love!

Chase was the perfectly imperfect alpha. He was a great combination of personality, charm, and confidence, but what I loved the most about him was how he accepted his flaws. Chase was honest with himself about his addictions and tried to avoid his weakness at all costs. But sometimes life just happens, and for all his efforts, the perfect storm arrived and brought him to his knees once again. I really admired that Chase didn’t make excuses or dwell in his mistakes, but instead tried even harder to overcome them and move forward.

You wear the summer in soft blue eyes. A bittersweet sky, tainted with lies. Let me end your season of pain. Dry the tears that fall like rain.

Taryn was in such turmoil in the beginning of the story, struggling with the loss of her friends and trying to deal with her complicated relationship with Beckett. She was at a total standstill in her life, not sure of her direction anymore, and I really felt badly for her. We’ve all been there in some way or another in our lives. However, I loved how much Taryn evolved throughout the story, by picking herself up, finding her path, and not allowing herself to be tainted by her past. Of course, she also had a pretty awesome man to support her along the way, but I really enjoyed her genuinely sweet and caring personality and was impressed with her courage.

I loved Chase and Taryn together, and they truly made a really great couple! They were instantly drawn to each other, but there was more depth their relationship than just attraction. Although they faced many challenges independently, they both lifted each other up to see the possibility of hope and happiness in their futures. Although Chase wasn’t completely up front with her initially, he put in every effort to be the type of man that he knew Taryn deserved. I was pretty blown away at how thoughtful and nurturing Chase was with Taryn in giving her the tender affection that she needed to help mend her broken heart. They were so passionate together, and what a sweet ending!

And when he pushed me into the mattress, I melted beneath the weight of his love. But I didn’t disappear. Chase wasn’t the sun, and I didn’t live in his reflection, fearful that one day the music would stop. Because we made the music, he and I. One note at a time.

The story was very well written and had a lot of complexity to both the characters and the storyline. It was angsty and dealt with issues like addiction, loss, and healing, that often times come along with the rocker lifestyle. But overall, it was a surprisingly sweet, romantic, and an uplifting story that was full of hope.

Since I am both familiar and a fan of Sixth Street in Austin, I have to mention that Frost depicted the music scene there perfectly. It really took me back to my younger years there and gave me all of the feels and sounds of the area that I love.

Frost did a great job in conveying this story as a standalone, considering that there are three books prior to this with a lot of history between the characters. There was quite a bit of detail to sort through in the beginning in order for them to be introduced appropriately, but I wasn’t so lost that it affected my enjoyment in any way.

This was a such an enjoyable read, and I’m so pleased with this introduction to Jayne Frost’s writing. My curiosity is certainly piqued to know more about these bandmates and friends, and I am really looking forward to reading the previous books in the Sixth Street Bands Series, as well as Logan’s story in Down to You, which is coming soon!

*Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*



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I write about the things that move me. Music and soulmates and bad boys with as much heart as attitude. I’m a sucker for a happy ending and a killer soundtrack.

My Rockstar Romance Series—Sixth Street Bands—centers around the Austin, Texas music scene. A place I will forever consider my home.




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