Just Another Manic Monday…

Photo credit: My Daisy Guy for capturing the face of inspiration I see in my garden.

Stuck. On. Repeat.

Do you ever hear a song that just gets you right down to the core?

Where you can’t really explain why it affects you so deeply, but it just does?

‘Where’s My Love’ by SYML, has completely left me stuck on repeat, as is it continues to play in a loop over and over in my mind!

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Manic? Maybe.

Every time I hear the song, I find myself cranking up the volume and crooning along. It cries out to me, and although I’m not in this particular situation at all, I can associate it with so many things, whether it be friends, lovers, or stories in books. I even researched the songwriter and the song, and believe me, I have little time for things like that. However, for some inexplicable reason, I cannot get away.

The lead singer, Brian Fennell, has the most beautiful voice, and his song is incredibly sad. The haunting melody of the music completely envelopes and captivates me. The mystical lyrics are full of worry and sorrow, and the yearning in his voice for his love to ‘just come home’ bleeds passion.

Fennell conveys such feeling and turmoil. Where is his love? Did she leave him voluntarily or was she taken? Has she completely given up and ended her life? Does she know how much he cares about her, and the pain he feels as well?

When Fennell sings, ‘If you’re scared, I’m on my way’, his urgency to find and be there for his love brings tears to my eyes every time. My optimistic side hopes she does come home, but my fear is that she does not. I would really like to know.

‘Where’s My Love’ is on the angsty and tragic side of romantic. The possible tragedy is the reminder to hold tight and nurture everything found dear.

Clearly, this isn’t a big fancy post or even a truly decent music review. Maybe I’m just feeling melancholy from all the cold and rainy weather. I just wanted to share my love this song. This Manic Monday is just an odd music ramble from my heart and a little bit more about little ol’ me.


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I would love to know your thoughts and if you’ve heard this before, or is there a different song that has really gotten to you in same way?




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