Review ~ Chasing Hannah by Melissa Ellen!

Chasing Hannah by Melissa Ellen is Available Now! 

Melissa Ellen’s Billingsley Series is so full of heart, and Chasing Hannah was such a cute and enjoyable read!



Chasing Hannah by Melissa Ellen

Billingsley Series (Stand Alone)

Contemporary Romance

~ Synopsis ~ 

I gave them everything. After years of hard work and
dedication, they gave me the boot instead of the promotion
I deserved.

To hell with them.
I’d land on my feet.
I was sure of it.

The last place I ever expected to land, though, was in the
small town of Billingsley, Texas. A place I vowed never to
return to after a disastrous one-night stand.

Unfortunately, skipping your best friend’s wedding was not
an option. Neither was avoiding the one man that managed
to turn my world upside down in just one night.

I’d never been a runner. Never been one to hide. But sometimes, it’s necessary…



I was so excited when I first heard that Melissa Ellen was going to write a follow up to Redeeming Lottie, which I absolutely loved! I just knew there had to be a story to tell about Lottie’s best friend, Hannah Montgomery, and wanted to know what in the world she was doing sneaking around with Billy Miller. I’m so glad that I got to find out, because their story made for such a cute and enjoyable read!

Hannah’s character was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed her sassy style. She had this confident, yet insecure personality that I couldn’t help but relate to. I loved her entertaining and candid humor, which she wasn’t always able to hold back. However, the one thing that she couldn’t seem to hold back were her feelings for Billy Miller…

‘…I just couldn’t seem to control myself when it came to the gorgeous man in from of me. The man was my kryptonite.’

Billy’s character was just adorable! He was the perfect combination of sweet, strong, and hard working. Billy had some tough breaks in his life that held him back, but he wasn’t going to let his fears get in the way of going after Hannah…

‘I’m gonna make you swoon, baby. Just you wait and see.’

And boy, did Billy make me swoon! I loved how smitten he was with Hannah and the extents he went to make her happy. They had some great chemistry and passion, and I really hoped they could survive the distance between them.

The story was well written, and it was a light hearted and easy read. I think there could have been a little more complexity to the storyline, but it did have a little angst to keep it moving along. It was told in the dual point of views of Hannah and Billy, which really showcased their personalities, feelings, and heart.

Ellen writes such great secondary characters in her stories, and Hannah’s ‘BFF’, Wes, really stole the show for me! He was like the puppy dog that’s all in your face and annoying, but you can’t help but love him anyway. Wes totally cracked me up, and dare I say that maybe there’s another story to be told there?

I just love the quaint little town of Billingsley, Texas that Ellen has created in this series! It has the perfect hometown feel where everybody is in everybody’s business, but at the end of the day, you know it’s well-meaning, and they would move mountains to help you if you needed it. Just like the town itself, Ellen’s stories are full of heart and topped with wit and humor, making this Billingsley Series a fun one to follow!

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


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Melissa Ellen is an Indie author that focuses on contemporary romance with a little bit of everything: humor, angst and sometimes suspense. A Reason To Stay, book one of the Blackwood Series, was her debut novel.

She grew up as a book worm, reading anything and everything and still tries to read at least a book a week. She’s always had an active imagination. Luckily, she now has time to put it to good use into stories that are constantly swarming around in her head.

When she’s not writing, you can find her working on architecture projects, buried in a book with a glass of wine (or coffee), playing with her adorable son, laughing with her hot husband, or tackling her latest DIY project (and by that she means putting her hot husband to work).

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