Wednesday Shuffle ~ ‘Winesday’!

How about a little ‘Winesday’ for the #WednesdayShuffle this week?!?!


Yes, those finely fermented fruits make me an incredibly happy gal! We traveled to Napa and Sonoma Valleys a few years back, and it was definitely one of my all-time favorite trips! But that’s another story for another day…

I love to try all kinds of wines really, but I generally prefer the reds, like cabernet. I used to love the merlots, but over the years, I’ve found my tastes are not so fond of the sweet and rich blends. My hubs has excellent taste in wines, so we enjoy trying out some of the ‘fancy-schmancy’ wines while eating out. But at home, I keep to a thriftier drinking budget. Once you get past the first glass, it doesn’t matter anyway. Amirite? of my favorites that I’ve come across is Poppy Pinot Noir. Out of Monterey County, California, it has a light berry flavor, and lacks the oaky taste that I’m not very fond of. I actually happened upon it at Costco, and you guessed it, the color caught my eye. Orange packaging with a flower in the name? Of course it’s worth a go! It also has a great price point of $14.99, which is always a plus for those on a budget, goes great with any meal, and has become a great staple wine in our home!


Of course, you need some good music and book to go with the wine…

I’m wrapping up The Coppersmith Farmhouse by Devney Perry. This is my book club’s book-of-the-month, and my first read by her. I’ve really enjoyed the story, but the hero is almost too much of a ‘Mr. Bossypants’! Is that really possible? Coppersmith Farmhouse (Jamison Valley, #1) by Devney Perry _ Goodreads


Here’s my rainy day song I’ve had on repeat…

I love the mellow groove of You’re Somebody Else by a new husband and wife duo that I’ve recently come across, Flora Cash. The video is a little different than my interpretation, but it’s still a great song to chillax to!


Looks like I’m all set for my ‘Winesday’ night ~ Cheers!


Tell me, do you have a favorite flavor of wine or cocktail?

What do you like to do to treat yourself and take a break during your week?


Make it a great one! 




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10 thoughts on “Wednesday Shuffle ~ ‘Winesday’!

    1. You’re sweet Sophie! I like to do a little change up every now and again! I was reading your post this morning about the drinks and books that go with them..what’s up with the hot wine? I haven’t heard of that and couldn’t figure out my category!! 😂

    1. Thanks hon! I really feel like a lot of reds have gotten heavier these days – I don”t know why though. I do drink whites some but have a really hard time with all of them giving me headaches…and not because I overconsume either! LOL!

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