New Authors Read in 2018!


One of my reading goals for 2018 was to branch out and find some new authors that I haven’t read before.

There are just so many that I often hear about and never get around to. In looking over my list for the year, I think I did a pretty good job by reading thirty-one books by new authors and found many that I really enjoyed and look forward to reading more of in the future!


Although I liked some books more than others, I definitely found some great new authors to read and follow. It’s hard to narrow down to favorites, but the ones from my list below really kicked off some major love for these talented authors who also proved themselves in my binges of their other books as well!

Since this was such a successful challenge for me all around, perhaps I should set this goal again this year and see who else I find!

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Do you seek out new-to-me authors or did you find some new authors to love this year as well?

Let me know in the comments below!




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10 thoughts on “New Authors Read in 2018!

  1. Great post! I’m glad you found some new authors last year.
    For me, I usually stuck to ones I knew already. There were only a few new ones I read like Annie Woods, Laura Kneidl (a German author), or Becky Albertalli. 🙂

  2. Impressive list Daisy! Some are on mine too 😉 I don’t “seek out” new authors but rather “stumble upon” them following bloggers or readers rec 😉

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