Confessions of a Serial Reader ~ Sloth & Covet by Ella James!


My goodness, I am so impressed by Ella James’ unique stories and loving this Sinful Secrets Series!

First off, I have a few things to share …

  • My book club’s pick for the month awhile back was Selling Scarlett and not one of us managed to finish it. I didn’t realize at the time that this was the same author but had seen some raving reviews (and the cover!) for Covet and snagged it up in a heartbeat after reading the synopsis and saw it was a sports romance (my fav).
  • As I am notorious for reading series out of order when I hear novels are standalones, I read Covet (Sinful Secrets, #3) and loved it so much that I jumped right into Sloth (Sinful Secrets, #1).
  • These books are both super long – 975 total pages – and I finished them both over a five day period. My family was totally neglected and starving – lol!

Ok, moving on!

Covet by Ella James

Sinful Secrets Series, #3

Release Date: February 25, 2019

Homer Carnegie. Admit it—you know my name. Your kid’s got my e-trading card. Your husband sits up straighter when I stroll onto the TV screen. He knows I’m going to crack the bat and save the day. Even your grandma’s jonesing for my autograph. But women my age? They’re the worst. Or would that be the best?

It’s not my fault they line up at the door. They catch my balls all right, two at a time sometimes. Believe me, everybody wins.

At least they did—until the video. I heard TMZ paid a million for a bird’s eye view of Homer on his A-game. The only folks who didn’t watch with eager eyes? Red Sox management. They want me benched, or worse, shipped off to rehab.

It’s a long story, what happens next. How I end up on a boat, bound for the world’s most remote island: Tristan da Cunha. Just a speck of dust in the Atlantic.

Except my heart is there.
I don’t know that when I step onto the boat.
I don’t know a lot of things.
What I’ll covet…
What I’ll lose…

I. Loved. This. Book!

Covet put me on a five-star reading roll and was such a fantastic surprise. It had everything I love in an emotional romance, with its feisty hero and heroine, loads of angst, and a dreamy setting!

Told from both Finley and Declan’s point of views, their broken characters were so complex and the tragedies of their past and present were so emotional and many of them just gutted me. Finley and Declan’s story was intensely passionate, steamy, and completely gripping with one twist after another. I actually read it in only a few days because the suspense was killing me, and I had such hope for Finley and Declan being together!

James’ writing was just impeccable! I loved the setting on the small remote island of Tristan da Cunha, the Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, and the beautiful descriptions really brought the island to life. Although the synopsis eludes to this story being a sports romance, I wouldn’t necessarily consider it ‘sports themed’, but clearly, this didn’t affect my thoughts or enjoyment of this read!

Covet was long, but personally, I liked how James brought the story to full fruition and settled my emotions. Declan and Finley’s journey was just beautiful, and I highly recommend this read!

Sloth by Ella James

Sinful Secrets Series, #1

Release Date: June 22, 2015

Dear A. –
I am writing to express my gratitude for your gift. There are no sufficient words, but please accept my sincerest thank you.


She writes me back.
I didn’t expect that.

She tells me she’s a lover of chicken pizza and video games, a hot sorority girl with the nickname Sloth. She wants to know something about me in return. She says I owe her.

This is how she saves my life. She doesn’t even know it. We’ve never even seen each other. But I need a reason. Just one reason to continue. She becomes mine.

The anonymity is good. She doesn’t need to know me, but I need her kindness. We both live our lives: a letter here, a postcard there. For three years, I escape my demons. And then one day I’m pulled back in.

I’ve resigned myself to what I know is coming. Until the girl I’m spanking gives her safe word: Sloth.

And then the lie I’m living starts to unravel.

Sloth is the first in my new Sinful Secrets series. Each intense, erotic story is inspired by a sin, and centered around a life-altering secret. Each “sin” stands on its own, so they don’t have to be read in order. 

Sloth is a dark mystery, so if you’re sad, read another book. This one is real, and hard. Not that kind of hard. (That kind of hard, too). Consider yourself warned. 

P.S. The book ends on a beach. That’s all I’m saying. As for an HEA, you’ll have to read and see. goodness, I am loving this series! I actually read Covet (Sinful Secrets #3) prior to Sloth (Sinful Secrets #1), and as they are both standalones, they take you on completely different journeys. I would definitely keep James’ synopsis note in mind before diving in, and this is also a read that is better off going into blind.

Ella James totally put Kellan and Cleo’s characters through the wringer! I’ll admit there were many times that I couldn’t totally understand their draw and connection through the first part of the story, and it threw me that Cleo felt she had nothing without Kellan. Yes, they needed each other, yes, they were perfect for each other in the end, and yes, you just need to read it to the end understand the mystery and what I’m talking about!

The writing was very good, although some parts of Kellan and Cleo’s journey seemed a little confusing. However, the way that Kellan and Cleo’s unique romance unfolded created so much angst and emotion, and this is one of those reads that I really wanted to skip ahead and make sure that my heart would survive. It barely did, but what a beautiful story!

I am so impressed by James’ unique stories and definitely look forward to reading Murder (Sinful Secrets #2), which is now available, and Gluttony (Sinful Secrets #4), release date TBA!

Purchase Covet (Sinful Secrets, #3) on Amazon TODAY!

Purchase Sloth (Sinful Secrets, #1) on Amazon TODAY!

Ella James is the USA Today bestselling author of seventeen teen and adult love stories. She’s an angst-a-holic who loves exploring difficult situations and the emotions of the people caught up in them. Also, smut. But always, always romance.

Ella’s obsessions include vanilla cream soda, hiking, other obscure, crunchy stuff like rock collecting, and the antics of her three little monsters.

To find out more about Ella’s projects and get dates on upcoming releases, sign up for her newsletter:… You can find her on Facebook at and online at Questions or comments? Tweet her at author_ellaj or e-mail her at


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2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Serial Reader ~ Sloth & Covet by Ella James!

  1. I haven’t read Ella James yet. You’re making me regret that like you always do. I’m thinking I might have to start with the third book, too, because it sounds so good! Great reviews!

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