Review ‘Unforgettable: Book Two (A Hollywood Love Story #2)’ by Nelle L’Amour

Unforgettable Book 2 Cover Pic

I really liked Nelle L’Amour’s ‘Unforgettable: Book One,’ but after being on the edge of my seat reading her next one, ‘Unforgettable: Book Two,’ this three book series just keeps getting better and better.  After the suspenseful ending in the first book, we now get even more mystery from Brandon’s past, his career is at stake, a killer is still on the loose, and an even stronger and sexier chemistry is building!

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My First ARC Review – ‘Unforgettable (A Hollywood Love Story: Book 1)’ by Nelle L’Amour

Unforgettable Photo

So excited to receive this book for my first ARC for review – I will try to keep it somewhat simple because so many thoughts and details are running through head!

Being a big fan of L’Amour’s ‘That Man’ series, I have really looked forward to ‘Unforgettable’, the first book in her new ‘A Hollywood Love Story’ series. With an intriguing Hollywood story line, witty humor, romance, and suspense, I found it to be a fun read!

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