Review – ‘Unforgettable: Book Three’ (A Hollywood Love Story #3) by Nelle L’Amour

Unforgettable Book 3 Cover Nelle L'Amour

Nelle L’Amour’s A Hollywood Love Story series was very witty, certainly had some sexy times, and was very suspenseful as well! I really enjoyed the spirit of the characters Zoey Hart and our ‘Get It. Got It. Good’ guy, Brandon Taylor. That being said, I have to admit that this final book, ‘Unforgettable: Book Three’ was actually my least favorite of the series. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed the book- there were just certain elements from the previous books in this series that were missing for me in this one.

L’Amour’s done a great job with her witty humor and banter between Brandon and Zoey, but they didn’t shine as much for me in this book. What happened to our cocky, arrogant, and sometimes completely irrational Brandon Taylor? Yes, I understand that he was wanting to protect his career. It just seemed like he lost his edge as he wallowed in his inability to have Zoey and his dread for his upcoming wedding to Katrina. I really liked that Brandon and Blake bonded with each other and their distaste of Katrina, but I was just thinking that surely there could have been some type of plan to avoid or prevent the wedding somehow.

The book began with another Cinderella dream sequence, which I didn’t care for in the first book either. I get it – you can’t please everyone – it was just super long and just didn’t engage me at all.  The rest of the book seemed to drag a bit as well, and then everything happened so quickly at the end of the book that I’m not sure that I got to savor it very much.

Maybe I just gained too much momentum after reading ‘Unforgettable: Book Two,’ and I was too eager for the conclusion of Brandon and Zoey’s story. Overall, I was very happy with the resolution though, and I really enjoyed the series. I will definitely look forward to Nelle L’Amour’s future writings as well!

3.5 Stars for ‘Unforgettable: Book Three’ – rounding to 4 Star Rating for the Hollywood Love Story series!

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‘Unforgettable:  Book Three’ Amazon

*ARC provided by the author for an honest review*

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