My First ARC Review – ‘Unforgettable (A Hollywood Love Story: Book 1)’ by Nelle L’Amour

Unforgettable Photo

So excited to receive this book for my first ARC for review – I will try to keep it somewhat simple because so many thoughts and details are running through head!

Being a big fan of L’Amour’s ‘That Man’ series, I have really looked forward to ‘Unforgettable’, the first book in her new ‘A Hollywood Love Story’ series. With an intriguing Hollywood story line, witty humor, romance, and suspense, I found it to be a fun read!

I really enjoyed the main characters in this book – Hollywood’s famous ‘Get It. Got It. Good.’ actor, Brandon Taylor and his personal assistant, Zoey Hart. Brandon’s demanding arrogance is cleverly matched with Zoey’s witty humor. As Brandon is still missing pieces of his memory from a hit and run car wreck, he relies heavily on Zoey to help fill in the gaps – one being his money hungry fiancé, Katrina, who neither seem to be able to tolerate. Through all of Brandon’s irrational demands, Zoey can’t help but be smitten with him and their feelings for each other begin to grow.

It was good to see the characters of the ‘That Man’ series again, and the only negative that I have for the book would be that I didn’t really care for Zoey’s ‘Cinderella’ dream – it just wasn’t for me.

I am very curious to see how Brandon and Zoey’s relationship will unfold, what Brandon will do with his conniving fiancé, where the suspenseful cliffhanger will lead, and I can’t wait for the next book in the series to see what will happen next!

*ARC provided by the author for an honest review*

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