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How to Catch an Heiress by Natalie Rios
An Heiress Series Novel
Publication Date: October 3, 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

How to Catch an Heiress cover_Natalie Rios

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Anthony Carter has not had it easy in life. In a matter of months, he lost his mother to cancer along with his much coveted spot in a prestigious doctoral program. Swimming in debt, he’s been forced to move back to his hometown in rural Montana and take whatever job he can find. A drunken weekend in Vegas is exactly what he needs to help him forget his problems.

A recent break-up with her boyfriend of nearly a decade has left straight-laced Liz Rockwell disillusioned with love and in desperate need of a vacation. She gets more than she bargained for when one drunken night at a Vegas bar results in her being married to Anthony. Embarrassed by her lapse in judgment, Liz is ready to make this whole night just go away. A quickie divorce seems like the best solution to their problem, until Anthony realizes who Liz really is.

Known in the media as the Candy Heiress, billionaire Liz is the answer to Anthony’s prayers. All he has to do is convince her to write him a check. Unfortunately, Liz is not one to be easily intimated or coerced. Discovering the Rockwell family secret may be Anthony’s only hope. But the more time he spends with the intelligent and tenacious Liz, the more he realizes their chapel wedding may not have been such a drunken mistake after all…

DaisyGal’s Review:

I’ll admit that initially I was a little skittish in reading this and hoping it wouldn’t just be the usual ‘meet in Vegas, get married, and don’t remember’ saga. Instead, this light-hearted romance had quite a refreshing twist on the clichéd scenario and was a very enjoyable and well developed story. ‘How to Catch an Heiress’ is a great start to both Natalie Rios’s new Heiress Series and her writing career as well!

The banter between Liz and Anthony was both sexy and fun. Liz had such a saucy and tough as nails character, and I loved her witty interactions with both Anthony and her family throughout. Although I also enjoyed Anthony in the story, I did feel that sometimes his character wasn’t conveyed quite as well. Obviously he was in a bit of a financial slump and working as a waiter due to his little ‘mishap’ with MIT, but it was a little bit confusing as he just came across as SO beneath Liz and at times. It didn’t change my personal opinion of Anthony’s character, but it seemed a little ‘off’ to me as he was every bit as well educated as Liz was.

Liz and Anthony’s relationship had a nice steady flow to it as they learned more about each other throughout the story. Although initially they both were filled with doubt of each other’s true intentions, it was great to follow the transition of them as strangers into friends and finally into a passionate romance. They were a great compliment to each other in their individual differences and challenges with family and finances and formed such a balance in each other’s lives. I am always a fan of seeing both viewpoints of the characters, so I was happy for the dual POV as well.

The writing was very witty, down to earth, and realistic. I look forward to reading the next book in the series, ‘The Scene Queen’, which is Charlotte’s story and due out in April of 2017!

*** 4 Stars for Me! ***

***ARC received in exchange for an honest review***



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About Natalie Rios

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Natalie can’t sing. Or dance. Or play an instrument. She can’t ride a bike and doesn’t know how to swim or drive. As a result, her husband often asks “Are you sure you’re not really from Mars?” (the answer, in case you were wondering, is no. Unless New York counts as another planet). When she’s not geeking out at her day job, Natalie can be found attempting to wrangle her overly energetic Westie, baking ridiculously chewy chocolate chip cookies, and watching so-bad-it’s-good reality television shows.

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