Wednesday Shuffle ~ The Perfect Storm!

Gosh, it’s been a while, my friends! Let’s catch up with a #WednesdayShuffle!

First, and foremost, I’ve missed you all! I think this is the longest dry spell I’ve landed since I’ve started my blog. The reason? I’m going to call it the ‘Perfect Storm’ because that’s what the last few months have felt like.

My not so little Daisy daughter graduated high school a few months ago, and I’m sure that you can only imagine the chaos that ensued. I thought things would settle down after the ‘big day’ was over, but that was not the case. Summer flew by with celebrations, orientation, soaking up as much family time as possible, and getting everything needed for her dorm and a new life away from us in another state.

I’ve been dealing with so many emotions of worry and sadness, and it will be so hard to not see her beautiful smiling face every day. BUT, I’m also really happy and excited for my girl and her new adventure! And proud. So very proud. She takes life in stride and faces adversity with a fierce determination that I can’t help but admire. We’ve gotten her all settled in now, and I know she’s going to do great. Also, thank goodness for FaceTime!

Anyway… Wheels off, life happened, and well, I just lost my words. Can I write a review? Nope. Just. No. Words. But, I’m working on trying to get all the jumbly thoughts out of my head and hope to at least post some of my Short & Sweet Reviews soon! reading…

I have been consuming books like a super chubby kid on a cupcake! Yep, that’s me (time to get back to working out!), but seriously, I’ve been devouring any series or book that passes me by lately. I read a lot of new-to-me authors in preparation for Book Bonanza a few weeks ago now, and here are few of my noteworthy new author finds!’ve also been ‘concerting’ in quite a youthful style. You know I love them and can’t resist them… they are one of my happiest of places!

We saw The Head and the Heart for the second time now, and their new album Living Mirage is fantastic. It’s a total switch up from their previously released more folky albums (which I also loved), and their new hit ‘Missed Connection’ is definitely a favorite!

We also saw Beck and Cage the Elephant a few weeks ago (awesome!), and Friday night I’m going to see Chris Isaak. Oh boy, am I excited!

I’ve missed so many of your posts and conversations with you, and I’m just going to have to redo my ‘to-do’ list and start with a fresh and clean slate. I hope you’ll forgive me for my messiness lately, and thank you to those of you who have reached out to see if I’m still alive, lol, it makes my heart go pitter-patter!

Tell me, friends, what’s the news with you???

What are you reading??

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6 thoughts on “Wednesday Shuffle ~ The Perfect Storm!

  1. You’ve certainly been a busy lady! Congratulations on getting your daughter into adulthood successfully! That’s a big thing! I can’t wait to read your mini reviews coming up.

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