Wednesday Shuffle ~ Flip of a Coin? I’ve got a bee in my bonnet for this week’s #WednesdayShuffle!

I have seriously been stewing on this for days now!

So I don’t know if you know this about me or not, but I’m a really big sports fan. My favorite sports to follow are baseball and football and in that order. I come from a hugely competitive and often annoying sports family and even graced my presence on the volleyball and basketball courts in high school. Don’t let me scare you with that, my opinions far outweigh any talent than I ever had in those areas.

But let’s talk about the NFL and the NFC and AFC Championship games last weekend!

If you didn’t watch the AFC and NFC championships on Sunday, then you’re probably good. Or maybe if your team won, then you’re delighted. But along with the two really great nail-biting games between four fantastic teams, came a major bullshit ‘no call’, and what the hell is with this overtime nonsense?

The New Orleans Saints played the Los Angeles Rams for the NFC championship with the Rams coming out on top in overtime 26-23. There was a huge pass interference ‘no call’ in the fourth quarter where both teams were tied 20-20 and 1:49 left in the game that should have taken place against the Rams taking away the opportunity for the Saints to get a first down at the 13 yard line and most likely the winning touchdown.

Not only did the league office call to apologize about the botched ‘no call’, but the NFL’s vice president of officiating admitted to the Saints that ‘we messed up’ and there were actually a total of two missed penalties on the play – interference and also a helmet-to-helmet penalty as well. Of course, the ‘no call’ left the two teams tied and then the Rams scored in overtime winning the game.

If that wasn’t bad enough, in the following AFC championship with the Kansas City Chiefs versus the New England Patriots, again the game went into overtime tied 31-31. Do you know what decides who gets the ball first? A coin toss. The problem? Each team receives at least one possession unless the first team with the ball scores a touchdown or records a safety. The Patriots won the toss and the game 37-31, and the Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes never even touched the ball in the overtime! They didn’t get a single opportunity, and it came down to who won the freaking coin toss!

Yes, both of my team picks for the championship lost this weekend, and I’m not trying to be a sore loser. I’m also not trying to take away from the two fantastic teams now going to the Super Bowl either. Although, doesn’t Tom Brady have enough going his way with abundant rings to adorn both hands and Gisele Bündchen to snuggle up with at night? Retire already!  BUT how can these plays not be reviewable and WTF is up with the overtime rules? Everything these teams work for the whole season and the freaking opportunity to play in Super Bowl is on the line here!

One more thing to note… I don’t have a dog in the hunt. My Dallas Cowboys lost in the first round of the playoffs, and I can honestly say they didn’t belong there this year and haven’t for a long time really. What’s it been, like 20 years???


Why am I ranting about football? Let’s talk books! 

I recently finished Overnight Sensation by Sarina Bowen earlier in the week, and loved it! If you are a fan of sports romance, this is now available and certainly one that you won’t want to miss, and my review will be up on the blog tomorrow!

I’m currently reading ReWined: The Complete Series by Kim Karr. This is a combination of the three previously released volumes over the last two months, and the complete series will release on January 28th! I always enjoy Karr’s passionate, angsty, and suspenseful stories, and I’m really enjoying this one so far as well! currently reading


While I’m reading and writing, I’m also enjoying the groovy beat of Gooey by the English Indie rock group, the Glass Animals. Have you listened to them before???


That’s all I’ve got for this week. Thanks for stopping by!

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Are you a sports fan yourself? It’s probably one of the reasons why I love sports romances like I do! 




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13 thoughts on “Wednesday Shuffle ~ Flip of a Coin?

  1. Well Daisy I am not certain I understood everything here as I am not a sportsfan like you but I got that you are super upset! LOL I really hope next year will be THE year for your teams.

  2. That is really frustrating about football. I am not a huge football fan. I basically “watch” the Seahawks and the UW Huskies. I am more of a basketball fan. I used to watch the Sonics when we had them, but now I’m more into women’s college basketball. We go to the UW women’s game sometimes and it’s so much fun. Other than that, I watch my daughter’s soccer team. 😉
    I loved Overnight Sensation! Such a great book. 🙂

    1. I think basketball and football college games are the best! I love the band and all the excitement of the fans and not as uptight as the pros. Overnight Sensation was great! I haven’t read your review yet, but will tomorrow after I post mine! 😃

    1. Yes, I love sports romances too! My love for sports is probably one the reasons I’m such a sucker for them actually. I’m always intrigued by athletes and love their passion for their sports, and of course, their leading ladies and men in the stories! 🥰

  3. Oh boy! I do feel your pain but I’m in LA fan so I was happy with the outcome of that game, however I am in complete agreement with Tom Brady and those darn patriots it’s enough already!

  4. I will admit I don’t watch NFL, but I am a HUGE Canadian Football League fan (which is very similar to yours, just a few differences with number of downs, size of the field, etc). I would be PISSED if our league had your overtime rules. That doesn’t make sense at all. Our overtime rules are that each team gets an equal number of offensive possessions to try to break the tie. In regular season they have a max of 2 each, and if it’s still a tie, it’s a tie. In playoffs it goes until there’s a winner, but each team gets an offensive possession…not sure if that makes sense. If you search for overtime in this article you can read about it:

    I am NOT athletic AT ALL, but I watch CFL, NHL, and Olympics with fervor. I love reading sports romances, of any kind, and especially love when they tackle obscure sports. Though I will admit that when it’s a sport I watch a lot of, I get a bit…cranky when rules aren’t followed. I’m a stickler for accuracy apparently. *snort*

    1. Yay! Another sports fan in Romancelandia – lol! Thanks for letting me know how football works in Canada – it’s so interesting how different they all are. Sounds like Canada’s at least got it right! I’m not near as familiar with hockey, but I also love the Olympics too!

      I read your review on Overnight Sensation and saw you got a little cranky with some of the hockey elements. I can be a stickler too, so I get it! I wrote a reply on it, but I didn’t see it so let me know if something went wonky and it doesn’t show up. So nice visiting with you, and have a great weekend! 😃

      1. I got your comments on my review!! I’m just so completely unorganized that I do everything out of order. For so long I was only ever responding to comments on my blog, so now I’m trying to actually visit other blogs. But as such, apparently my brain can’t do multiple things, and now I don’t get back to comments on *my* blog. *rolls eyes* I’m a blogger failure. 😉

        Have a great weekend too!

        1. Lol! It’s a lot to keep up with, and I’m not always the best either. My page froze up when I submitted it, and I didn’t see it listed. I only posted it that day, but since we were visiting I thought I would ask. It’s there now, so I probably sound like a crazy – lol! Hope you had a great weekend! =D

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