5 Star Review for Unseen Messages by Pepper Winters!

Unseen Messages Cover

This is my first read by Pepper Winters, and based on this book I am definitely a fan now! Although I have heard that many of her books are quite dark, I found this to be so refreshing and definitely unique. It took me on such an insightful journey and was beautifully composed of such an inspiring story of strength and the will to survive, passion, love, and acceptance.

Although almost against her will, Estelle Evermore has become an overnight success with her beautiful singing voice and lyrics from her heart to match. She is a tired and antisocial ‘homebody’, and desperate to get back to the comfort of her home and her cat.  Galloway Oak is a gorgeous man with a beautiful name, but more than that, he is desperately trying to be a better person.  He has a past full of wrong, and his new job awaiting him will provide an opportunity to redeem himself in his father’s eyes and a fresh start to his future.  They cross each other’s’ paths at the airport, and although Estelle comes across many possible signs she should avoid this flight, just like Galloway, they each have their reasons why they need to be on this plane. Little did they both know that the journey in which they were going to embark on together would change their views on what they considered to be home, their future, and their lives forever.

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6 Star Review – ‘Where Lightning Strikes (Bleeding Stars #3)’ by A.L. Jackson

Where Lightning Strikes A.L. Jackson Cover

A.L. Jackson is an amazing author who continues to captivate me with her eloquent words and touch me deep in my soul with her stories.  Her latest novel, ‘Where Lightning Strikes’ is a beautiful, passionate, and completely heart wrenching story of two lost people who are both completely hardened from their past and trying to protect what is left of their damaged souls.

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5 Star Review- ‘Make Me Sin’ (Bad Habit #2) by J.T. Geissinger

Make Me Sin Cover 2

‘Make Me Sin’ by J.T. Geissinger triggers a whirlwind of feeling with a deeply emotional story of love, heartbreak, and hope. A follow up to ‘Sweet as Sin’ in her Bad Habit series, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect after hearing how much it ‘wrecked’ her to write this book, and I could not imagine what she had in store for for A.J. Edwards and Chloe Carmichael with them having so much animosity between them. In ‘Make Me Sin,’ Geissinger has gifted their beautiful, achingly tender, and touching journey crafted with many unique layers of character depth and suspense. Continue reading

‘Brooklyn & Beale’ Release Week Event Review @OliviaDEvans

Brooklyn Beale Cover Pic

In her latest book, ‘Brooklyn & Beale,’ Olivia Evans orchestrates a love story full of passion igniting into a beautifully romantic song with lyrics to melt your heart!  She takes us on a journey of two musicians’ lives who struggle for success both professionally and personally. With her great sense of humor, Evans also adds just the perfect touch of wit and humor to keep it a light and fun read.  I absolutely loved her first book ‘Hollywood & Vine,’ and I am now completely enamored with this one as well!

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