5 Star Review for Unseen Messages by Pepper Winters!

Unseen Messages Cover

This is my first read by Pepper Winters, and based on this book I am definitely a fan now! Although I have heard that many of her books are quite dark, I found this to be so refreshing and definitely unique. It took me on such an insightful journey and was beautifully composed of such an inspiring story of strength and the will to survive, passion, love, and acceptance.

Although almost against her will, Estelle Evermore has become an overnight success with her beautiful singing voice and lyrics from her heart to match. She is a tired and antisocial ‘homebody’, and desperate to get back to the comfort of her home and her cat.  Galloway Oak is a gorgeous man with a beautiful name, but more than that, he is desperately trying to be a better person.  He has a past full of wrong, and his new job awaiting him will provide an opportunity to redeem himself in his father’s eyes and a fresh start to his future.  They cross each other’s’ paths at the airport, and although Estelle comes across many possible signs she should avoid this flight, just like Galloway, they each have their reasons why they need to be on this plane. Little did they both know that the journey in which they were going to embark on together would change their views on what they considered to be home, their future, and their lives forever.

The beautiful cover and excerpt alone caught my attention, and I could probably go on and on about how many feelings this book elicited from me and how deeply it affected me. I am a huge over thinker, so I couldn’t help but ask myself if I would have payed attention and taken notice if these signs were presented to me as well?  I also wondered what I would do if something like this happened to me and if I could survive in Estelle and Galloway’s situation.  I would hope that my reactions would successfully carry me through, however what if everything imaginable did go wrong? Could I have the confidence and ability to overcome that? These thoughts and feelings just consumed me as I followed Estelle and Galloway in their struggle to overcome all their fears, pain, loss, and tragedy throughout the story. I simply could not put this book down and found myself on the edge of my seat just rooting them on every step of the way.

The eloquent and descriptive writing in this angsty romance was completely captivating and touched me very deeply. It had a nice steady pace to it and was very suspenseful throughout the story.  I really enjoyed the creativity in the character’s resourcefulness and how Estelle’s song writing was incorporated into each of the chapters. The dual POV allowed the ability to see both sides and get the full depth of Estelle and Galloway’s individual personalities.  I also think the longer length of this book is perfect as well.  Yes, there was a lot of story in this book but to have made it shorter would not have done it justice at all.

Just discovering this very talented author, I am sure that I am only one amongst a crazy number of Pepper Winters fans.  I am just so delighted to have come across her writing and this truly unique story which I highly recommend to others!

*** 5 ‘This is definitely a 2016 favorite for me’ Stars for me! ***

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