Wednesday Shuffle ~ ‘Wicked Game’

Ok back to the music, and this week’s #WednesdayShuffle!

Unlike last week’s rant on my distaste for Weezer’s cover of Toto’s ‘Africa’, I’m pretty excited about this week’s choice. It’s a lot more fun to find a new song to enjoy, and this one I really do!

Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’ is like one of the Sexiest. Songs. Ever! His lyrics are so consuming and passionate as he croons his slow-burning song of heartbreak. It’s a total flashback to my volatile teen years when true love was often imagined, fleeting, and definitely complicated. ‘Wicked Game’ is such a sad song, and it really gets me in the feels every time I hear it!

I think Theory of a Deadman’s cover of ‘Wicked Game’ is pretty great! They’re a new band to me, and isn’t funny how it took their cover of one of my favorites to get my attention? Maybe that’s the ultimate reason many bands do covers of popular past songs after all.

Anyway, I loved how they kept the overall passionate and longing feeling from Chris Isaak’s original version. I was also really impressed at how they put a twist on it and made the song a bit different with the addition of the strings. It was a refreshing and really built up the anticipation throughout. Theory of a Deadman totally made this one work for me, and what a pleasant surprise!


~ Theory of a Deadman’s Cover of ‘Wicked Game’ ~


~ Chris Isaak’s Original ‘Wicked Game’ from 1989 ~

** copyMan, I just love this song! Theory of a Deadman did a fantastic job with their version of ‘Wicked Game’, so it’s a win-win for me. What about you?





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