Manic Monday ~ March Madness!

My Manic Mondays are intended to share little snippets about myself, and folks, here’s the deal…

March was yet another continuation of a mad reading binge that began for me back in February. No, I don’t sit around and read all day! As a busy wife and mother, who really has time for that??? Not this gal, but somehow I’ve managed to cram it all into my schedule.

Why is it that you either find yourself in a total reading slump or jumping obsessively from one book to the next? It’s so freaking unexpected when it happens, and it can actually be pretty frustrating on both ends of the spectrum!

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Review of Wolf Bite (Wolf Cove #2) by Nina West!

An alternate title/cover for this series has been created.

Wolf Bite / Break Me by Nina West

Wolf Cove / Wolf Hotel Series.

 ~ Release Date: February 29, 2016 ~ 

Henry Wolf is a deliciously wicked, sinfully handsome man who has done a very bad thing.

Worse, he owns me now—every inch of my body and a sizeable chunk of my stupid, naïve heart.

And he’s made it clear that if I want to keep my job and stay in Alaska, I’m stuck catering to his every whim and wish—both in the hotel and in his bedroom—while I wait for the potential fiery media circus ring that will no doubt drag my reputation into the gutter along with his, should his past discretions surface.

I will not surrender to his demands, not when I have dirt to hold over his head. IF I have the guts to blackmail him, that is. And something warns me that going through with it will have disastrous consequences for my heart.

Break Me is the second book in the addictive The Wolf Hotel series. It should be read after Tempt Me. Teach Me and Surrender To Me are books 3, and 4.***This review contains spoilers***

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5 Star Review for Wolf Bait (Wolf Cove #1) by Nina West!


An alternate title/cover for this series has been created.

Wolf Bait / Tempt Me is the first book in the Wolf Cove / Wolf Hotel Series.

 ~ Release Date: November 16, 2015 ~ 


When life turns to hell, most people talk about running away. Abbi Mitchell actually does it. Determined to escape her humiliating heartbreak and her overbearing mother, Abbi takes a summer job at a resort in Alaska. It’s supposed to be four months of snow-capped mountains, peaceful wilderness, and figuring out if she should wait for her lifelong sweetheart to come back, as he has promised he’ll do.

Instead, it’s Henry Wolf.

Owner of the luxury hotel chain, Henry Wolf is cool and composed, successful with everything he touches, and undeniably beautiful. And for some reason Abbi can’t fathom, he wants her—the farm girl from small town, USA with no corporate experience—as his personal assistant.

Abbi scrambles to meet his professional demands while she battles her growing attraction to him. Physical feelings she shouldn’t have because he’s her boss, because she’s way out of her league with him, and because they’ll never be reciprocated.

Until they are.

Will Abbi be able to let go of herself—her values, her dreams, and her inhibitions—to give him all that he’s demanding of her?

*** WARNING: This book has a lot of story and a lot of sex in it. Not suitable for readers under 18 years of age, or people who don’t like to read about sex. *** I can say is WOW!  As part of my Branching Out Series, I am so glad that I happened upon this book which is my first to read of Nina West’s writing.  I really loved it and am so excited to have found a new author to enjoy!

This is the story of Abbi Mitchell, the quietly sexy ginger and completely innocent farm girl who travels to Alaska and meets Henry Wolf, a sexy lumberjack who unexpectedly happens to also be the business tycoon and owner of Wolf Hotels.  When he offers her the job as his personal assistant, what will be the cost for her to work for this beautiful man and billionaire?

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